Winds of World War III
by Larry Edelson (1954-2017)

Before the author passed away, he asked us to send you this prepublication manuscript as a parting gift. Larry devoted many years to the research that went into it; and with the help of his cycle protégé, Mike Burnick, devoted still more quality time to make sure it included some of the most recent developments.

It’s one of the most fascinating investment books we’ve ever read, and we trust you will agree. Download the pdf here. Then, if you would like to comment, please do so below.

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  1. jim norton May 4, 2017

    breathtaking thank you
    jim norton


  2. Sonnie Waggoner May 3, 2017

    So sad to hear of Larry’s passing. He will be missed. Looking forward to receiving his book! Thank you Larry! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


  3. frank May 1, 2017

    Dear Martin , Please publish this book specifically for Larry’s subscribers , not for the general public ,as tribute to Larry .Speaking for myself and I am sure all subscribers ,we would all like to BUY THIS BOOK. Best Regards , Frank


  4. Willem Vandev April 24, 2017

    Many thanks for the gift of “Winds Of WW 111″. I will certainly miss Larry’s insight into world affairs and investment advice.


  5. Garry Mc Keon April 20, 2017

    I am shocked to just hear about Larry’s passing. I was busy the last weeks and did not spot his passing. Please convey my condolence’s to his family and friends and may we all appreciate just how lucky we were to receive his wisdom for our gain. RIP


  6. Larry Metzler April 12, 2017

    How do I get copy of the book?


  7. Raymond Jackson April 11, 2017

    Many thanks for including me. I was most surprised to read of his passing as I raced to find his latest views on our current world situation. Always so confidently objective and reassuring. I certainly will not try to add to all the praise, recognition of his great talents and the volumes of gratitude for his investment guidance. However I must say a humongous thank you and that I will certainly miss him. Also, many thanks for the gift of “Winds Of WW 111”. Let us pray that they remain only winds.


  8. ari heikkinen April 4, 2017

    My condolences



  9. Eugene April 4, 2017

    Thank you.


  10. Perry Morgan April 4, 2017

    The sort of man that restores your faith in humanity…
    A courageous man and a man of great integrity!


  11. Lee Lambert April 4, 2017

    Thanks Larry.Greatly appreciated,Lee Lambert


  12. Jack Brownell April 3, 2017

    I was stunned to learn of his passing, and I miss him and his sage advice.


  13. Stuart Ramsey April 3, 2017

    Thank you for all of your economic wisdom.



  14. mark sontag April 3, 2017

    It’s all quite sad; he had so much left to do and say; for one I ill miss him!


  15. Lorraine Beham April 3, 2017

    I have been a subscriber to Larry’s work for many years. So sad he left us so early! I loved his insights, confidence in his work and his dedication to his clients. I miss him!


  16. Joe Bruzga April 3, 2017

    When it came to navigating the world of investments Larry was my compass. His wisdom, insight and knowledge of world events past and present were a constant guide that are irreplaceable. He gave me reason to sit at my computer and open my emails looking for his perspective on world events. Like so many of his subscribers, I mourn his loss.


  17. James Swelgin April 3, 2017

    He will be missed


  18. Dalpat Lad April 3, 2017

    Thank you for the valuable report


  19. Loay April 3, 2017

    I got to appreciate Larry only recently through the Real Wealth Report, which I have always enjoyed reading and still do under Mike Burnick! Clearly, Larry is an expert on the science of cycles to which he devoted many years, but what makes him stand out is his multi-dimensional outlook. Larry will be sorely missed!


  20. jack kimura April 2, 2017

    Larry Edelson— Truly,is Nostradamus like. His detailed accounts, and specific outcomes is amazing. Hard to beat. Jack K