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Larry Edelson, 62, Senior Editor at Weiss Research, passed away peacefully on March 2, 2017.

Larry was a modern day Nostradamus who remained actively involved in his research until his very last days. He was a deep thinker about the future and practiced what he preached: Not only did he warn countless others to prepare for the long-term cycles of history, he also took important steps to prepare for the cycle of his own life.

Larry co-founded The Edelson Institute; he created a proprietary computer model that embodies his forecasting acumen; and he mentored Wayne Burritt, a very worthy successor – all prescient preparations to make it possible for his Institute to carry on his excellent work for years to come.

To celebrate his life, he leaves his cherished, devoted, and loving family, including his wife, Nong; his children Dr. Kari Edelson, Aaron Edelson, Kevin Edelson, Alex Edelson, and Megan Edelson; and many others.

If you would like to say something about Larry, send a message to his family, or simply express your thoughts, please do so below. All of us who knew and loved him will greatly appreciate your comments.

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Comments 2,763

  1. Rob March 29, 2017

    What a shock, so unexpected. I consider myself blessed to have found Larry’s work and to have learned so much from him. God bless him and my condolences to Larry’s family. Rob, The Netherlands


  2. Mukesh Contractor March 29, 2017

    I was shocked find out about passing away of smiling face and always energetic Larry on webinar or any update video. What happened ? So sudden and so young?
    God always take away good loving person away from us earlier as if he need them in heaven.
    I am going to miss him as subscriber.
    Recently I lost my 45 years life companion ( my wife) in first week of December and I am recovering from it.
    I Understand How hard for his family and wife, pray god for strength and find peace in recovering from this extreme tragedy.

    MUKESH CONTRACTOR, Clermont, Florida


  3. Sylvia Joly March 28, 2017

    He is with God.
    Peace be upon him.

    Warmest Baha’i love to his family.


  4. Van Atkinson CLU CHFC March 27, 2017

    Larry Edelson was one of the few men I admired most, both as a person and a professional. Many of us across the globe will miss hearing from Larry and see his work.


  5. Michael March March 27, 2017

    Very sorry to hear about Larry’s passing. I’ve been a subscriber to Larry’s newsletters for years. He was like a friend. Always looked forward to hear from him about his latest predictions about the market based on his study of long term cycles. He will be missed!!!


  6. Syed M. Ahmad March 26, 2017

    I will miss you every month Larry.You never given us any hint that you will leave us so soon.May God bless you.My mind & heart is with your family.


  7. robert clement March 26, 2017

    I am stunned by Larry’s passing. I have followed Larry for many years and will very much miss his insight. I hope Mr. Burnick can fill the shoes of this very great man.


  8. Bob Brown March 25, 2017

    To Larry’s wife and children, may the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. I am sure you all know how Larry inspired so many people. I for one so very much respected Larry and took his thoughts and advice very much to heart. I will miss Larry very much and I am sure that feeling is now with so many of Larry’s former subscribers. Rest in peace Larry and may the good Lord comfort his family and friends. Bob Brown


  9. Tim Jordan March 24, 2017

    To his friends and family: I am so sorry for your loss. More than in any monetary sense, it is clear that Mr. Edelson enriched the lives of many people both near and far.


  10. Aniruddha March 24, 2017

    RIP Larry….will miss your postings every week and also RWR
    condolences to his family


  11. Patrick March 23, 2017

    Larry piqued my interest in investing and the study of cycles, which have had a significant impact on life. I am greatly saddened to hear of his passing and am ever grateful for what I learned from him. My condolences to Larry’s family.


  12. moses pitso March 23, 2017

    To Larry,s family may you find comfort at this difficult time,a good man gone to soon
    may his soul rest in peace.
    moses sydney australia


  13. David Zimmerman March 22, 2017

    My condolences to Larry’s family and all who knew him for our loss. I did not know Larry personally but I was always looking forward to his guidance and inspiration. You will not be forgotten.


  14. SoAnne Woon March 22, 2017

    I am so shocked and deeply saddened by Larry’s sudden death. I have been a subscriber to his Wealth report for many years and always look forward to his witty writing about the markets. He was one of the best analysts and I admire him greatly. He will be greatly missed.

    My deepest condolences to his family.


  15. Ted Robinson March 21, 2017

    I am deeply shocked by Larry’s passing, especially at such a young age. Larry was one of the few people whose opinions on the markets I paid close attention to. It’s hard to believe he is gone! My heart goes out to his family. He will be sorely missed.


  16. Chelak Tai March 21, 2017

    Larry, we will miss you – a bright analyst with a warm heart.


  17. Rodney Hippenhammer March 21, 2017

    Larry: Thank you for your work and wisdom.
    Family: Read the Book of John in the Bible for hope in your future.


  18. Wm McGarvin March 20, 2017

    Please accept, my sincere condolences in this time of sorrow. I only became aware of Larry through
    his writings in connection with Junior Millionaire and quickly felt he was a loving and caring person. I was surprised at my emotions when I became aware of his passing. I miss him and am sure I will for a long time

    William McGarvin


  19. Dan Barberree March 20, 2017

    After 2 weeks I am still processing this. I have depended on Larry’s sound advice for the last several years. I feel that a wise man and trusted advisor has been taken from us and we are once again adrift in a sea of misinformation.

    I can only imagine the grief of Larry’s family on losing him. My heart and prayers go out to them.

    I am also perplexed as to how a young man like Larry can go so suddenly. I ask for some clarification on his apparently unexpected and sudden demise.


  20. robert scarborough March 20, 2017

    Please share my deepest sympathy with Larry’s family, his compatriots at Weiss, and investors like me who sought his superior council through the years.