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Posted on November 1, 2017 by Martin D. Weiss

I’m writing to you because you have distinguished yourself as one of my company’s closest and most loyal friends, and I need your help.

I need to hear from you as soon as possible — so I can better understand your views, goals, fears and hopes.

For all of us — and especially for many readers I’ve heard from lately — the world suddenly feels like a very dangerous place. For ourselves, our families and our wealth, the threat level is rising rapidly, day by day.

Everywhere we look, we see rising tensions between nations … new cold wars … savage shooting wars … more divisiveness in U.S. politics than at any time since the Civil War and now, even the constant threat of terrorism right here in America.

The investment picture is no less unsettling: Despite everything, we’re seeing sky-high stock and bond prices. And now, the Fed has announced that its massive 8-year bond-buying program is officially ending.

It’s enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck: The ominous feeling that the other shoe is about to drop … but not knowing what it will be or when it will happen.

My question for you is simply this: How can I best help you?

Next week — on Monday and Wednesday — I’m going to invite you to join me in two very special video briefings. There will be no promotion whatsoever. Nothing at all to buy. Just the help you need to keep your family safe and your wealth intact and growing.

But before I prepare for those briefings, I need to hear from you:

How do you feel about this alarming new environment? What worries you most right now? What are your greatest wealth-building challenges today? How can my team and I best help you?

Please give me your personal feedback now, while you’re thinking about it. Hearing from you now will go a long way towards helping me to help you in the most effective ways possible.

Good luck and God bless!


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  1. Al McNal November 5, 2017

    I have a tendency to agree with your thoughts on an upcoming crisis. Basically because a government can’t go on borrowing and pushing borrowing forever continuously greater at every turn. I think your scenario of confidence being lost and then starting with a small selling of bonds make tremendous sense. I don’t believe there will be a big instantaneous event driving an economic collapse.

    I think this will happen for the simple reason that all spending sprees by government have collapsed and produced long periods of retrenchment. But miraculously the entire investing world doesn’t seem to believe it can happen or will happen soon. On the other hand with all central banks pumping money it’s hard to see where a collapse will come from. The whole scenario is just terrible for retirees and those who have worked hard and saved their whole lives but then they are those with money and no one younger cares since the youngsters can’t even afford a home. It seems an unreal fantasy and I can’t see it ending well.


  2. Alfred November 5, 2017

    I am concerned about the direction of this country and the lack of fiduciary responsibility of our congress members. They need to be fired.


  3. A Anthony November 5, 2017

    Raising capital for investment.


  4. Pamela Shackle November 5, 2017

    I’ve been a loyal subscriber to your services for over 25 years. Attended your special conference for Inner Circle Members in Florida PGA Golf Course! I appreciate all the amazing and well-thought out information you have provided during this time. I am an avid student of history! I believe that we are about to enter a place where we have never been……I am not sure I even can imagine what will happen. None of us can predict anything with certainty. My hope is to keep my family…..children and grandchildren under some kind of umbrella of safety. I cannot do it alone. I am looking to you and your organization to continue providing your services. Together all of us may be able to not only survive these coming events but to maintain some degree of success and positivity. Thank you again sincerely Martin, for being here!


  5. Johnboy November 5, 2017

    I think the coming crash will be on an epic scale that no one can imagine!..the central banks have destroyed the country just like it was predicted the day it was secretly set up, but unfortunately not many people know about what’s really going on in the world and will be caught off guard, I’m not a pessimist.. just accepting the world we live in now and trying to prepare and spread the word to all that will listen!!


  6. RP November 5, 2017

    Certainly from this early Baby Boomers perspective – other side of 65 – the world is getting more complicated, amplifying risk to traditionally hard won nest egg(s). My part of the world, we have minuscule social security to rely on for old age. So, one of the stories is to look outside the box and slowly become competent with on line brokerage platforms to (try) bring in a modest income stream.
    Having been NOT in the environment of a learning curve to active trading until this late (st)age, the introduction to a trading platform – and particularly the concept of options -is all very new.
    That said, after several months (of unintentional retirement) wading through teach ins, seminars, webinars and being bombarded with so many different ‘trading opportunities’ from so many ‘pundits’ and ‘experts’ who proclaim their success, and working so far only on a paper account, my perception is this;
    Yes: Many pundits can boast about an 80-90% success rate on closing a trade.
    But this statistic seems selective after the fact.
    They might have successfully picked a winning underlying with a call or a put etc.
    What very few educators NOT do is clearly and definitively instruct how to manage that trade in its duration.
    Many a time, this process is glossed over quickly and obscurely, resulting in the “student’s” outcome being different from the pundit.
    Some attitude is to make the trade and let it run to expiry. If you win, you win: If you bust, you bust and need to cancel the order post haste to avoid allocation. Move on.
    In my experience, teachers (instructors) are not consistently clear on how to take money off the table, or close the stock before expiry…. And this, to me, seems to be the fine tuning necessary and THE critical component to making small, incremental gains to the account
    1. How to recognise that event.
    2. The actual mechanics of how to instruct your trading platform to execute your wish for the outcome you want. The buttons on trading pages are brutal. Very little room / time to rectify a misdirected order. Few instructors that I have seen thoroughly teach this sequential, button by button process. Slowly; repetitively!.
    So maybe there is a problem of linguistics too. In my case, I am not an American. English (and pidgin) is different. E.G, particularly to start with, I had a problem with “close”, “cancel”, “get out of”‘ etc., (over) thinking there being subtle differences in outcome!
    No doubt, these little details will morph and become inconsequential as familiarity in the process of using a platform matures. Difficult learning curve!
    Thanks for the opportunity to blog. Little different and off tune with others here, but all in the spirit of feedback. Yes, the world is pretty messed up; recognising that each of us has a responsibility to the well-being of self, family and community, tip of the hat to you for trying to promote awareness and present possible pathways to self preservation.


  7. Robert Baker November 5, 2017

    History shows that every time Rs have control of our gov. the economy tanks. This time they stopped any pretense of helping anyone but the rich and corps, so timing of the crash is my main concern.


  8. CaryS November 5, 2017

    How would a war with North Korea effect the stock market?


  9. ralph johnson November 5, 2017

    is there no end to the blooming stock market? and is unemployment-as reported by our “gubmint” actually close to that published/released digit? what about all that personal, corporate, and “gubmint” debt? where does it end and how, when? am confused at the sheer apathy of the largesse of our fellow citizens. But i never thought a person could be outed as to grabbing women by their genitals-because they (apparently?? via the end vote…) like it– and still get elected POTUS 2 weeks later….wow….some era of feigned and actual indifference….


  10. Susan November 5, 2017

    Financially, I worry about Medicare and Prescription Drugs (Part D). I am currently on a cancer drug that is taken orally. Because it is oral and not infused, it falls under Part D. The drug has a retail price of approximately $132,000 per year and it has been suggested that it will be raised this year. My share, including the donut hole is about $11,000. The manufacturer, Pfizer, offers a $25.00 per month copay coupon to anyone, regardless of income, as long as you are not on a Medicare or Medicaid plan. Medicare patients are told to try to find a charity to help if you qualify. The income level to qualify for these has been four time the poverty level – about $44,000 for a single person. These drugs should have been on Part B, like other cancer drugs, but because we have a Congress that is itching to get the money from Medicare, I don’t think that is going to happen. It seems I will eventually have to decide if my life is really worth it.


  11. craig November 5, 2017

    What “worries” me most, methinks, is how you folks have a penchant for wanting to “worry” so much!

    Just calm down! Relax. It is what it is . . .


  12. Ed November 4, 2017

    I am worried (like most people) most about the insane monetary printing the world has done over the years, and with it the spending never seems to stop. As a retiree I feel that an eventually bankrupt U.S. will someday (soon) have no money to pay S.S. payments. My other major fear is that a desperate US government will find a way to seize my lifelong hard earned IRA savings. Is there a way to avoid or mitigate the IRA seizure issue?


  13. Heidi E. meyer-Bahlburg November 4, 2017

    Sorry, but my equipment is not set up for videos – I can’t participate. As for your written communications, I make sure I don’t miss any ! HMB.


  14. Shankar Kalothia November 4, 2017

    It became difficult to invest in your portfolio because buying even 50 shares of each needs too much money or investing $1,000 in each stock will get odd number of stocks at the scary market peak, no matter some good choices are making new highs. Selection is difficult and time-taking. Already selected few ETF’s could be better alternative.


  15. Peter Kofler November 4, 2017

    Hi Martin, I appreciate all you and your team are doing to have us prepared and ready to cope with what promises to be an unknown and rocky ride over the next few years. As an Australian my concern is not only what happens in Australia but all over the world. After all we are all part of the international community. I do however fear for how my country will cope. Our economy, exports, the Aussie Dollar, instability etc. Do you have any comments reassuring or otherwise on our situation.
    Many thanks. Regards, Peter


  16. Allison November 4, 2017

    My aunt is going into a retirement village. Her home will be sold. What is the best way to invest her capital, so that it grows without having to be too ‘hands on’.
    Thank you


  17. PHIL November 4, 2017





  18. T November 4, 2017

    How do I protect myself against a potential dollar value and stock market crash if USA
    loses $US dollar reserve statis?


  19. Ron November 4, 2017

    Martin, I have read articles about digital currencies replacing the dollar for local and international trade settlements. What risks do we face if digital and other crypto-currencies like Bitcoin become the modern currencies for trade settlements? What will happen to the dollar locally and internationally? Will gold and silver lose value? I hold both physical gold and silver in case fiat dollars become worthless or lose value. Should we be investing in crypto-currencies?


  20. P. Root November 4, 2017

    I am so dependent on our modern world for the very basics like food and shelter, water and eletricity, that I tend to fear their interruptions or breakdowns. Wars, natures tragic storm conditions,and human caused dangers to our environment. We seem not to love the earth for its gifts, but rather to plunder it to an extreme. (And if the gov’t. stops Social Security and other forms of income I would become a street person.) I wish we could persuade people around the world to think in terms of the whole human race and its future —-not religions, not nationality, not color, no dictatorships—just survival and safety first, the including of everyone everywhere. My agenda, PR