Can President Trump make the U.S. economy great again?

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Will Donald Trump be able to keep his campaign promises?

Will he succeed in his attempts to cut regulations on business … slash taxes … lower health care costs and renegotiate trade deals that suck jobs out of the U.S.?

Or, will he fail — and by doing so, doom the Republican Party and perhaps even the entire nation for years to come?

Is our nation too broken and divided to carry on?

Will America be recognizable ten years from now?

These are critical questions with grave consequences for every dollar you have saved, invested or socked away for retirement

In a few days, I am going to reveal Larry Edelson’s answers to these questions — his Final Forecast — but first I want to hear what YOU think.

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Share your thoughts in the box below. I’ll be checking in several times each day to join the conversation!

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  1. Terry Whittle May 1, 2017

    I have been following your writings over the last year. My family has made substantial investments in the stock market on their own over the last year with great success. I have a hard time discussing your predictions because they are so different and so disastrous if not followed.

    What can I say to them to convince them of your prediction? Is there a way to cover your obet and reserve part of your investments in the market in case Trump does succeed?


  2. Jim May 1, 2017

    This isn’t a debate, it’s a whine fest and a haven for trolls. The lack of understanding by both sides, conservative and liberal, is appalling. When did someone with slightly opposing views become our mortal enemy? If the labels ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ were removed from descriptions of policy, most people here would be hard pressed to then label the policy as one or the other. Unless you’re way far right, or way far left, you share essentially the same views as each other. Yet as soon as a policy, or a person, is labeled conservative it becomes an attack point for liberals, and the same goes for conservatives when a policy or person is labeled liberal.

    There’s a reason Trump is doomed to fail, and it’s the same reason Obama was less successful than he could have been. Partisanship. It’s been getting worse for years, maybe decades, but in the last 8-12 years it has reached unsustainable levels. Republicans stymied Obama every chance they got, in many cases even where they agreed with his policies! The same is now happening to Trump, only it’s infinitely worse because he actually isn’t either conservative OR liberal. It’s Trump’s way or the highway, and since he can’t get Liberal OR Republican politicians to agree with him, nothing is going to get done.
    I don’t know how this gets fixed. If partisanship triumphs over reason, agreement, collaboration, compromise, empathy, and teamwork as it has for the last decade, the pendulum will just keep swinging evenly back and forth every 4 or 8 years and overall progress will be minimal. Until a President comes along who can get both ideologies to meet part way, nothing is going to get done in Washington.
    Confirmation bias stands in the way of this happening any time soon. Conservatives see Trump as a hugely successful President who has done more than any President in history in 100 days. Liberals, looking at the exact same President and the exact same facts, see him as a clown who hasn’t accomplished anything since being sworn in except nominate a Supreme Court Justice. While the two opposing ideologies remain so divided and confrontational, and while compromise is non-existent, the Liberals are the ones who have it correct. For now.
    In the words of the tweeter-in-chief, “Sad”!


  3. Marie Dahl May 1, 2017

    President Trump tries very hard to accomplish the things he promised. The Dems are of NO help.
    They don’t care about anybodybut themselves and how they can gain power back.. God help us! They had their chance when they had Obama and both houses of Congress and did nothing for the American people. Obam’s the one who put us in this position we are in now. The Dems did nonthing tostop him. I’d like tosay a whole lot more, but it makes me sick to think about all the damage he and the Dems have done to this country in the last 8 years and they’re still at it. I’m anxious to hear what Larry has to say over the next few days.


  4. Dee Wyeth May 1, 2017

    Trump has a majority of Republicans in the House and Senate and is still unable to pass legislation through Congress. Obama spent more than a year making the Affordable Care Act reality, but Trump lasted 18 days on his attempt to repeal it before giving up. In meetings it was clear to all in attendance that he didn’t even understand what was in the repeal bill he was trying to pass. He has complained that the job is much harder than he expected which shows his lack of experience and understanding of how government works and seems to prefer tweeting, golfing and holding rallies to stroke his ego instead doing the work required to make things happen. So far the president has shown more interest in cutting taxes for the wealthy as both the proposed AHCA repeal and tax cut bill showed huge tax breaks for the wealthy (those making more than $250,00 a year) and nothing for the poor or middle class that elected him. Don’t hold your breath on jobs either. Obama set a record for any president in the number of months straight he increased jobs. Three months in Trumps presidency, that number dropped for the first time in years. The jobs growth Trump has been claiming have been company investments announced during the Obama Administration that are just now taking effect. Everywhere you look Trump is failing the American people. If FOX News is your only source of information for what is happening in government, you are not getting the big picture or anything close to it. I dare you to see what other news organizations are reporting and decide for yourself.


    • Ron May 2, 2017

      Hi Dee Wyeth,

      I can see from what you say, that you have not been paying any attention to the Cable TV channels to get the other side of the story..
      Did you hear about the Russian Uranium Deal that Hillary helped to broker?
      Did you hear about the fact that George Soros, who funds many Liberal outlets including “Media Matters”
      recently funded “Black Lives Matter” to the tune of $30 million? Is that why they are so eager to
      protest against Trump?.. ($1500 week to show up at Trump rallies and cause trouble… is hard to turn down.) All they had to do was get on the Bus and be driven to the rallies.

      Why have you never bothered to look for the truth yourself?
      The internet is a wonderful thing… You can get the stories without getting out of your chair…
      just like I did… Go ahead… do a yahoo search for “Hillary and Russian Uranium Sale” or check this article in link I already posted..


  5. John Schulz May 1, 2017

    Trump will help the economy but not make America great again. To make America great again would require spending cuts of about a trillion per year and no one is talking about that.


    • Ron May 2, 2017

      Hi John Schulz,
      You may get your wish in time for the 2018 interim election, AFTER the effects of the tax reduction on Americans shows a huge increase in the total tax paid by the 1% and by those who have been avoiding
      selling their stocks at a profit and paying the confiscatory rates of the last few years.
      Of course, the Mainstream Media will try as they always do to paint a dark side on that..

      I just heard on the Mainstream Media that “Trump ADVOCATES a Government Shutdown
      in September.” … How did they come to that conclusion…?
      He gave the Media what they wanted… an agreement to Fund the Current Budget just like
      the Past president did for 8 YEARS… Why did they continue with the Budget that Bush was told
      would save the Country to pay $787 Billion in STIMULUS to save GM, Chrysler, the Banks, etc?
      The answer was simple… A “Continuing Resolution” did not require a VOTE by Congress to
      pass it… They did not want to risk seeing it END while they were in office..

      Having the “Continuing Resolution” END under a Republican government was the goal..
      This was the Poison Pill that was intentionally left on the table so that the Media could say that
      the Repubs want the Poor To Starve..
      Trump is going to bring back so many Jobs, that the need for the Continuing Resolution
      WILL END. “Give Trump a Chance” sung to the tune of “Give Peace a Chance”


  6. Bill April 30, 2017

    I think President Trump will do everything in his power to make America great again. The outcome will also be guided by the Congress and the Senate. Hopefully, corruption will be harnessed for the good of American citizens and the Country as a whole.
    America copied no one. Purging foreign and domestic enemies and reducing restrictions on well-meaning people will return opportunity, growth, and patriotism to our Country.


  7. Vonnie Burton April 30, 2017

    President Trump has an uphill battle. First,
    he is fighting a secret group of Congressmen in the Republican Party who have already stabbed him in the back on the Obamacare care repealing. Normal, middle class citizens want and have asked Congress to repeal this bad bill for every since it was made a bill. Trump gave in on
    the modifying of it to appease Paul Ryan.
    Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Reince Priebus, McConnell plus other Republican turncoat traitors. The all should just declare they are Democrats because their actions show what traitors they are. They have accepted money from George Soros, who hates America and his
    goal is to take it down and establish a NWO. Number two, Soros has funded over 230 organizations whose goals are to overthrow our government and do Soros’s bidding. Bill O’Reilly exposed George Soros on his Fox News show “The O’Reilly Factor. Now look what has happened to O’Reilly. Sean Hannity is next because he
    is a super conservative. The shadow government is bound and determined to ruin Trump by propaganda and with any divisive tactics they can muster. So with all of those enemies, it will be impossible for him to get any of his goals accomplished to make America strong. Soros has a line of judges who will put a stop to anything Trump tries to accomplish. Example #1:
    Trump’s order to stop immigrants from several countries known for terrorists.
    Example #2: Trump ordered that sanctuary cities will no longer receive government funds if they harbor illegal criminal aliens.
    So, traitors from his own party and George Soros with his silent coup using the main media’s propaganda will prevent Trump from succeeding. Example: They killed
    Bill O’Reilly by propaganda.


  8. Martin Live April 30, 2017

    The US will go the way of all other Empires before it: all of them eventually failed.
    Lost world prominence. Will there be a new great power or a one world government. We will have to live long enough to see. We will cross that bridge when we get there. Nothing will change Nature. We will all die and leave the mess for someone else to deal with. Eventually the entire Universe will end. Thanks


  9. MARK BRAUN April 30, 2017



  10. Jim April 30, 2017

    I try to make a point of reading the “echo chamber” points of those who agree with each candidate, as well as the ones who disagree, and to investigate each as if I already disagreed with them, and vice-versa. While this exercise may not lead one to agree with a Trump presidency on ideological grounds, I find it difficult to believe that rational people would come away with the thought that Hillary Clinton is worthy of the title of president of the USA. From someone who has been through the vetting process to obtain a security clearance and familiar with the requirements of data separation as well as penalties for noncompliance, the non-secure email server issue by itself disqualifies her. The media attempts to ignore or downplay this issue (as well as many others with regard to Hillary), but pushes the Trump misdeeds regularly and with zeal. The “grab their……” is a good example where Trump is speaking indiscriminately, to be sure, but once I actually heard the exchange, IMO, he is clearly incredulous at what star struck groupies will allow those who they idolize get away with. This is not to say that such “locker room talk” should be part of normal discourse, but surely does not rise to the level of a million woman march. (Which was, at the very least, as distasteful and crass as the offending comments.) While on this subject, I find it disingenuous of those crying foul over their children “learning about” the subject at hand in this way, when many of those same people likely were the ones defending Bill Clinton when the children at that time were learning what the meaning of “is” is.


  11. Paul K McNally April 30, 2017

    National debt is the most dangerous issue in US & being ignored.
    The rich are in power in every level of government. They have no clue how hard it is to live day to day.
    Congress- stop with the recesses. WORK, get work done
    No trips home at government expense while Congress is in session. A 6 day work week, not 4, just as families do to make ends meet.
    Executive branch- Cut, cut, cut in every area there is. Quorum call in the Senate = turning off electricity in the Capitol building.
    No further trips to Florida. Work 5 days a week.
    Judicial-force gov’tgov’y to work. Judgements faster. More efficiency.

    Every government level must cut. Congress eliminate I person in every office. Same with executive & judicial branch.
    We are a nation in decline. Words mean nothing DO Something. We will/are Greece.


  12. stu April 30, 2017

    One major thing no one ever talks about but is a major issue…Amazon.
    They are getting into everything and hurting other businesses who pay taxes and provide jobs. Our govt does not see the damage they are causing. They make little profit and basically have paid no taxes over the years.


  13. Richard April 30, 2017

    Their has never been a President like Trump so we are were we are because of the past Presidents so everything is going to be new to some extent. I believe he will have a BIG fight to get things done but will do very well. I believe in a saying I have used all my life: All progress involves change but not all change is progress! Good and bad things will happen but the end will be a better USA.


  14. Anthony Wu April 30, 2017

    Trump will only partially succeed in his promises, and mostly fail in his economic plans, as the USA is too divided and opposition too strong to make him completely succeed


  15. Mike April 30, 2017

    If Donald Trump can get all or most of his campaign promises passed, he may be one of the best Presidents in history.
    He keeps telling everyone how great he is at negotiating. But, by making enemies with Russia, China, Mexico, Canada, Congress, Media, etc. Why would anyone want to work with him on any issues? He is making enemies with everyone.
    During his campaign he talked abou “Drain The Swamp”. I think he is talking about the “Deep State” or some call them the Shadow Government made up of rich powerfull people. All I can say is Good Luck fighting them and all of his other enemies.


  16. Tim Jenkins April 30, 2017

    There is no way that someone like Trump, indeed anyone, can resolve the Debt Crisis that confronts us all.. Fact !!

    Trump has an entirely different agenda, in my honest opinion.. and it is an extremely dangerous agenda, that actually will prove to be a testament to his courage, despite not always having been the smartest tool in the box ..

    The world will remember Trump, probably more than Larry, in the annals of history!
    (although, I would like to qualify that comment and say that, as of yet, I have not had the opportunity to evaluate anything, let alone the legacy of, regarding Larry Edelson’s efforts towards the A.I. of such genius & humanity !)

    Back to the Don: Like him or not, the mainstream media tells us all we need to know about what is NOT for public consumption & the crowning moment of proof was in 1990, when Thatcher did something absolutely incredible , that resulted in me packing my bags and leaving the city of London, FOREVER !

    As MJ said: ” ‘They’ don’t really care about us ” Roll the drums , DON


  17. NMP April 30, 2017

    President Trump, I believe has good intentions, will he be able to save the Titanic, I don’t think so, the politicians are too corrupt and the only way this is going to end is by the ship to go down. Lots of people in this country believe that Democrats care about them, they don’t, look into their finances, they all multi millionaires, the Clinton’s for example were selling the country to the highest bider, every one talks about Mr. Trump connection to Russia?, the Clintons sold about 23% of the uranium (use to make atomic bombs) to the Russians, but nobody talks about that. The Republicans are the same as the Democrats. What President Trump wants is a country where everybody that is willing to work has a chance, the people that follow the Democrats are lazy and the they want free everything, I have new for them, nothing is free, somebody has to pay for free college, free housing, free healtcare, free food, etc…


    • Ron May 2, 2017

      Hi NMP,
      Sorry I reiterated your point about the Uranium sale to Russia…. but I also included a link to news articles, including the one at the top of the list, which appeared in the New York Times..
      They accuse the Repubs of exactly what they do themselves and it WORKS every time.
      It is easy for the Dems to follow a Liar, when the Mainstream Media covers for him…or HER…
      and never reports the truths about the Republicans..
      The way Trump WON was to bypass the media and use Twitter and Campaign Speeches
      to get his message directly to the People, without the typical Media Bias.
      He really should do things the way Reagan did and have a weekly Fireside Chat to
      speak directly to the People.. The Slanted media would have to cover it in full, without embellishment, or their ratings would fall like a stone. It would have to appear not only on Cable channels but also
      on the Local Affiliate Stations for people who only have an antenna.


  18. John April 30, 2017

    President Trump and the economy? how can you turn a blind eye? a billionaire businessman, need more to be said.


  19. Dennis April 30, 2017

    As a South African watching the circus you call politics, I am ASTOUNDED as to how completely out of touch the American people are with what is going on! Your country is morally and financially bankrupt but your politicians have the gall to state that the U.S.A. is the “moral compass” of the world?
    Do you people know how many lives you have cost all over the world and virtually every life lost COULD have been avoided by not behaving like the dying empire the U.S is. I just hope that the bunch of morons who run your country don`t push a nuclear launch button by mistake or design and destroy humanity. wITH THEM, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


  20. John Mott April 30, 2017

    Are we going back below $1200.00 on gold again? When are we finally going to going to new highs?