Can President Trump make the U.S. economy great again?

Dear Investor,

In the final week of his life, Larry shared a shocking final forecast with me — a prediction based on a new discovery he made during his cycles research. And what he uncovered is terrifying.

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Will Donald Trump be able to keep his campaign promises?

Will he succeed in his attempts to cut regulations on business … slash taxes … lower health care costs and renegotiate trade deals that suck jobs out of the U.S.?

Or, will he fail — and by doing so, doom the Republican Party and perhaps even the entire nation for years to come?

Is our nation too broken and divided to carry on?

Will America be recognizable ten years from now?

These are critical questions with grave consequences for every dollar you have saved, invested or socked away for retirement

In a few days, I am going to reveal Larry Edelson’s answers to these questions — his Final Forecast — but first I want to hear what YOU think.

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Share your thoughts in the box below. I’ll be checking in several times each day to join the conversation!

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Mike Burnick
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Weiss Research

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  1. Tom W May 8, 2017

    Why don’t we just stop payments to the technically, but not really, disabled. I know quite a few of them. Why not stop supporting single-parenting? And start supporting traditional families? Government costs would go down. The “not interested in working” would discover that they can work. GDP would go up. And the deficit would be solved. What’s so hard about that? Other than removing the cookie jar from those too lazy to go make their own cookies?


  2. Cynthia Stimpson May 5, 2017

    What do we regular subscribers get on this subject? Or, put another way
    do we poor commoners (I’m 82 yrs. old), have to buy another, higher,
    more expensive way to get the basic content of how to invest in the
    economic breakdown you are rightly predicting?

    I hope that you and your team will answer this question, and be aware
    that some of us have been subscribing to Weiss (on and off) for 30 years.
    Thank you,


  3. William Whitener May 4, 2017

    I clicked the button below and nothing happened! How do I subscribe to E-Wave Trader?


  4. John Lorinc May 2, 2017

    I believe (and Hope) that President Trump will succeed in making America Great Again, even though he will have to overcome incredible pressure and opposition from the Republican leadership (Ryan and McConnell). He will also face brutal treatment by the Democrat leadership, the Main Stream Media, and George Soros funded groups.


  5. Barbara Dowdy May 2, 2017

    President is our last hope, I believe. Our national debt is too high. We have too many people who don’t like us. The only answer is Divine intervention. Join me in praying for Trump, all our government leaders, our allies and our enemies. We must have God’s Blessings. God Bless our Country. Barbara Dowdy, Fort Worth, TX


  6. Betty Wallace May 2, 2017

    Please leave access to all 3 of the reports since for 1 I will not be at the computer 2 of the 3 days you will be on and I really want to hear all 3.


  7. A.Rupert De Castro May 2, 2017

    You and I do NOT change the world ..Radicals DO….Trump is a radical WITH MONEY..If he did NOT have money…his “CLOCK would have been cleaned a long time ago”
    ENTRENCHED CORRUPTION at all levels of Government cannot be allowed to continue …as the MONEY IS RUNNING OUT…..


  8. sudhir May 2, 2017

    I think Trump will not be able to do much. The good part is, he is not a politician and a businessman.
    Even with his business acumen, he will not be able to change much. He is learning the ways of politics and you can see his tone changing. He positively is trying to make America Great and First, but from which position he is in, it is going to be an extremely difficult task. The world today is so interrelated, that we cannot function in isolation. I wish him All the Best.


  9. John C. May 1, 2017

    This political discussion is not important to me. Trump is just receiving ideas to build consensus on his promises while he learns during his first 100 days.
    The president is not a king and republicans don’t have control, which is what most seem to perceive. Whoever is in office or seeking it just trying to sway the people in their direction who are unaware or who don’t know US civics.
    A cheap government is preferred.
    I also disregard any information that use words like “might”, “may”, “should”, “can”, “could”, “possibly”, etc. from politicians and the media. Not real. I do my own homework.
    I invest. Finding “catalysts” that drive investments is important to me. For example, what are millennial tendencies? What will they be spending their money on?
    Making a living with freedom of choice that is available electronically or within 50 miles works for me most of the time. Other distractions, political or otherwise, are mostly disregarded. However, they entertain and make me laugh.
    Take it EASY my friends!


    • Ron May 2, 2017

      Hi John C,
      Your wishes should be rewarded… based on the latest changes made by the President..
      Removing the Death Tax AGAIN will certainly give the Millenials a lot more Cash to spend when they inherit the fortunes and companies that were owned by their parents….
      Their Spending will “Trickle Down” and “Float All Boats”.
      Would you rather that they had to SELL their Parent’s companies and Farms, just to pay the 40% Death Tax?

      If a Yacht Manufacturer is reborn or manages to stay afloat it will have a better chance of rewarding
      it’s owners and investors NOW, so maybe that is one sector that is worth investigating….