Can President Trump make the U.S. economy great again?

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Will Donald Trump be able to keep his campaign promises?

Will he succeed in his attempts to cut regulations on business … slash taxes … lower health care costs and renegotiate trade deals that suck jobs out of the U.S.?

Or, will he fail — and by doing so, doom the Republican Party and perhaps even the entire nation for years to come?

Is our nation too broken and divided to carry on?

Will America be recognizable ten years from now?

These are critical questions with grave consequences for every dollar you have saved, invested or socked away for retirement

In a few days, I am going to reveal Larry Edelson’s answers to these questions — his Final Forecast — but first I want to hear what YOU think.

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Share your thoughts in the box below. I’ll be checking in several times each day to join the conversation!

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Comments 307

  1. Lorraine Gilbert May 22, 2017

    I think D Trump dos not have the skill set appropriate for his position. He appears to be a natural bully.
    I am at a loss as to how he was endorsed by the party to be their candidate. I watch and wonder


  2. Arden May 20, 2017

    If what I see from these news letters are a indication of where the U S A will be in say 5-10 years, will be that no one will be rich, only getting by. There be only a new money form, no dollar, yen, pound they will be gone and more then likely gold and silver will no longer be used by laws of nations. Wall Street has been digging it hole for many years with help from investors, stealing money from the poorer countries to make the U S look rich. The government fight a war to keep these people silent, and it will come back and bite us. One last point or question I like to ask, if most of the rich do have over 5-15 million dollars, why do they still try to get more only to give that to charities when they could let those with less raise themselves up by working instead of welfare.


  3. Tommy Goldsberry May 20, 2017

    Trump will succeed unless the RINOs betray him and us.


  4. Paul Mazzarella May 20, 2017

    The country is in big trouble. Washington is totally corrupt and every day we witness treason with the events we are seeing. A civil war has already started in Washington and in our country, they are just not shooting at each other, Yet !! None of this will end well . Things are too far gone now . The ” patient ” was not treated properly and now has crossed the point of no return. serious pain is coming in the next few years and I know people like yourself who are informed and ” switched on ” know this .


  5. anders wannborg May 19, 2017

    He has no real strategy! There is no long term thinking in his head. He remains dangerous for the free world. Why did he congratulate Erdogan????


  6. Ed May 18, 2017

    Larry used to display short term, 6 month and longer time span cycle printouts in Real Wealth and there have not been many lately. It would be appreciated if longer term charts would be provided on a regular basis. This information was openly shared with the Real Wealth subscribers and was an educational function displaying the past, present and future/projected cycle trends. Hope that the service and information will not be a take away from the Real Wealth subscribers. Cycle charts have been less frequent since the Cycle Trader and Wave Trader services have been released. Larry and his team worked out the cycles and economic projections while be supported by the Real Wealth subscribers.


  7. Jan May 18, 2017

    Arm chair know it all folks should back off a bit and recognize that nothing is to be gained by their constant tantrums. Our Republic is indeed under attack. Those that only fill their own coffers at the expense of their fellow citizens, should examine their own motives. What ever happened with folks rolling up their sleeves and “seriously” working with their community to find quality compromises for all. Thomas Jefferson warned us that we needed to be very careful to avoid the pitfalls we face today.


  8. Harry P. Meier May 18, 2017

    President Trump will do everything he said. There is no problem with him. The problem is with the liberals, socialists, communists, and sad politicians. They are trying to protect their pitiful jobs to continue increasing the trillions of dollars in debt, but filling their own pockets and increasing their power.
    If we lose him, there won’t be any more America.


  9. emerson May 18, 2017

    Mr. Trump could slash taxes but, for big business only…… increase h/c cost for the poor…… renegotiate deals for only his businesses and gladly let china continue to suck out the jobs of the middle class.


  10. Thomas Hannon May 18, 2017

    Like most Presidents and most Senators they can never complete their work in two terms let alone in one term. The main problem for Trump is the same that confronts every President, for the past 75 year or more. The ability of working across party lines. Since Democrats & Republicans can’t agree on what time it is, and Democrats from day one have been crying foul, while calling for Trumps impeachment from day one, with the help of the so called, “(Main stream press),” I hold little hope for a pleasant out come.


  11. John Wayne Watson May 18, 2017

    Donald Trump is persistent and not a quiter. I believe that he will eventually win over his Republican guys to support him. He will never get the Dems(dims) on his side as I believe they have gone off the cliff. However, the recent directive from the Dims leader that ALL must toe the mark and support abortion on demand up and until the time of birth, will cost the dims 10-20% of their support. If this happens, then yes, Trump will definitely prevail. If those dims who state they are Christians, really are, then most definitly Trump will prevail. I just can’t judge how far past the 10 Commandments our culture has strayed.


  12. JAY DEE May 18, 2017

    Trump will keep his campaign promises but it is going to take more time than some people think it should.


    • John Wayne Watson May 18, 2017

      I concur.


  13. Hans Vandergouw May 17, 2017

    As a believer in the Austrian School of Economic thinking, I am totally beyond myself how this nation, if not the world, is still where it is today. Every economic metric should have done us in a long time ago. What blows my mind even more so is that given the current state of our economy (come on, still points to a real unemployment level of about 20%), nearly half of Americans are still on food stamps and our government continues to print “monopoly” money that is totally worthless. Add to this horrible morass the fact that retailers are going down the tubes, with a anticipated loss of an additional 35,000 jobs let alone what already has been lost and we barely have a manufacturing base. And the hottest stocks…Facebook, Google,, (I remember when Martin Weiss called it Amazon.bomb. Seriously, how is it possible this company can command a stock price over $800 when it doesn’t even generate a profit except one qtr in its existence). Come on now, where has sanity gone to??? As far as I’m concerned, the continued existence of our country is proof that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has never been more merciful to America. And He did answer the prayers of millions of Americans by giving us Trump. Thus, He is giving us one more opportunity, however slim it may be.


  14. Glenn Caron May 17, 2017

    Trump will NOT get very far , the elite bankers and hidden globalists will STOP his plans and they will CONTINUE the New World Order plan . All they need to do now is completely destroy this economy , thus destroying any ground Trump has made for Making America great again. They have been working for the last 30 years to implement this new world order . They wont just sit back and throw their plans away . The collapse is eminent BUT they need to line all things FIRST to protect themselves and REMOVE all the profit from the system BEFORE the collapse. THEY will succeed !


  15. Greg Maurer May 17, 2017

    President’s DO NOT make the economy great…BUSINESSES DO! Get the US Government out of the way…and there may yet be hope for our economy. Silence the progressive left, and their minions in the FAKESTREAM Media, and the sky is the the limit for our nation’s economy and it’s CITIZENS.


  16. Bill May 17, 2017

    The only things that will pass through congress will be so watered down in liberal ideology that they will fail and then liberals will say that they failed because they were conservative ideas when they really were not. That is a description of the last 50 years and it is not going to change until we have moved so far to the left that everything is so bad that people start to think for themselves again.


  17. michael whitcher May 17, 2017

    The ‘two party’ system has morphed into a ‘one party’ system, accurately described as the party of the extreme rich who control the three branches of government and most of the state governments.The American people are not stupid. They know that they have been and are being ‘screwed’ by the plutocrats, autocrats, and the oligarchy which owns WDC and Wall Street.They have effected a silent coup against the American people. The de-industrialization of the upper midwest and of the northeastern US is their handiwork. DT and Bernie Sanders are a product of the resulting despair and bitterness.


  18. dle May 17, 2017

    Larry’s forecasts have been macro/mini. Money made in a dynamic market is in timing – micro. Suspect the market rise is related to the last rise to the peak of the bubble. Getting out will be the problem.


  19. Fred Lowery May 17, 2017

    he can if he gets GOP support. He has the correct policies and practices.


  20. Vinomark May 17, 2017

    Should have taken away Trump’s twitter account before Inauguration Day. His own worst enemy that will likely be part of his self-destruction.

    Tax reform should have been primary & only main focus with bipartisan deliberance! Far more likely to get cooperation & impact with economic focus priority.