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Dear Fellow Investor,


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Boy oh boy — the action sure is hot and heavy here on my blog!

So far, nearly 1,000 investors have checked in to discuss my forecasts for 2017-2022, to answer my question, “Why won’t Supercycle Investor work for you?” and also to ask me the questions they most need answers for now.

Here are some of actual questions and my actual answers from yesterday:

Q: Pamela asked, “Martin, what possible white swans can surface that can reverse the forecasted collapse of the converging cycles?”

A: Virtually none, Pamela. Keep in mind, historically, change comes only via crashing and burning first. — Martin

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Q: Michael L. has issues with my timing: “While I do not dispute your assessments or predictions, I am having trouble with the timing of them.”

A: Michael, hundreds of billions of dollars are already pouring into our equity markets, which is why they are so resilient. Trillions more are coming, post-October. So the timing is already on target for Phase I and Phase II.  — Martin

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Q: George W. asks, “Martin, I’m most impressed by the scope of your cycle analysis, but one question:
Could the unprecedented flooding of the world with money by the central banks alter the timing of major economic/market cycles?”

A: It hasn’t so far. Fear money is moving precisely as we expected despite all the power of the central banks. So I would say a firm“no.” — Martin

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 Q: Frances asks, “When exactly will U.S. stocks fall? Will it be before Oct. 31st or after Oct 31st? And when will the money from other countries begin to flow into stocks. Will that be roughly after Oct 31st?”

A: A correction in global stock markets could begin at almost any time. But increasing flows of flight capital from trouble spots around the world, especially highly indebted countries, should make any correction relatively short and shallow.

The timetable suggested by our cycles research indicates that the first landmark event, beginning in late October or early November, could be a meltdown in Japan’s bond markets or a similar breakdown in another major debt market. It may not make headlines. But it will be the canary in the coal mine, signaling an entirely new phase in this supercycle.

So now it’s your turn to tell me:
How do you see these cycles playing
themselves out? And why?

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Martin D. Weiss, PhD
Founder, Weiss Research’s Edelson Institute
Founding Editor, Supercycle Investor

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Comments 254

  1. Roland Braun September 30, 2017

    Have you estimated :
    The size and amount of overseas fear money reaching the US equity market ?
    The impact this should have on interest rates.


  2. Jane Trebess September 27, 2017

    Hi Martin, I have just read your email about your upcoming conference on 2nd October. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend as we are going on holiday.
    I fully agree with all of your statements on the cycles and the changes that are coming.
    My problem at the moment is that I cannot afford to invest, and will need to wait until I have more money available.
    Thank you for your offer to pay for the 3 years fees, it is very generous of you. I am very sorry that I have to say no.
    Best wishes, Jane Trebess


  3. Steve Stack September 26, 2017

    I understand that you don’t like to comment on the thoughts others may have as they look into the near term.
    However, another service I subscribe to, that tracks the IMF et al and currencies in general, put out a message earlier today concerning the IMF process and implementation of a new banking system referred to as ” Distributed Ledger Technology”. The goal of which is to displace the dollar as the world trading currency.
    If so, this is probably the biggest thing to impact us since the 1930’s.
    So, I have 2 questions:
    1- are you aware of this?
    2- if so, how does this impact your super cycle projections?

    Thank you, Steve S


  4. florencia tamparong September 24, 2017

    Not easy becauese i didn’t understand what your sending


  5. Craig E September 24, 2017

    On August 2015 I signed up for then what was also called “SuperCycle Trader”. I t was advertised to my recollect identically to how it is being marketed right now. With Larry’s passing, I was migrated to E-Wave Trader. Now SuperCycle Trader is back. Can you differentiate the 2 services or will they provide similar information.


  6. Lillian September 24, 2017

    I m not an active investor, I do buy shares & funds of ASEAN markets excl Japan. How do all these changes affect my current investments?
    If I will to follow your signal to invest in the us real estate, big capital market shares, commodities commercial metals, gold mining companies…how to do so as I don’t invest in such diversification manner nor do have such accounts or capital.
    I agree with some of your analysis but I m past retirement age and do not want to take unnecessary risks. I cannot afford to lose my retirement monies. All these years I have lose more than make good in my investments.
    That is why I m hesitant to take the plunge.


  7. Otto September 24, 2017


    Aren’t we already near the end of the international capital inflows cycle, which you propose is coming, instead of the begining? Isn’t QE and inflows from international investors what has kept the US bubbles going?
    Isn’t “the canary in the cool mine” the recent and increased outflows out of US equities and into international markets, from smart money and insiders? For example, Mark Zuckerberg announced on Sept 23 that he is selling $18 Billions of Facebook stock.
    How will the Fed’s unloading of $4.5Trillion of US debt affect your prediction?
    How does the possible replacement of US dollar as the world currency attract investors to US?
    As a value investor, why would I invest in an inflated market as it’s the US?


  8. Alan Lee September 24, 2017

    Have cancelled membership as heading towards ninety and do not invest anymore!
    Nobody to keep an eye on my affairs.

    If I meet Larrie I will give him your best wishes!!!
    Thanks anyway its been interesting


  9. steve flanagan September 24, 2017

    I am admittedly a novice trader who purchased gold mining millionaire to learn how to trade and develop enough confidence in my understanding to risk our retirement money to trade with.I have followed it closely but have yet to execute a single trade with real family money.Now another service called supercycle trading ask me to spend more money in order to protect my future investments and it leaves me feeling like there is a reason to question investing advice i would get from gold mining millionaire.can you understand how this can be confusing and counterproductive?


  10. Francis R Irvine Qc retired September 24, 2017

    Hi Martin, Please excuse spelling I’m using a HP laptop with a typical s****y HP keyboard.
    I normally followed Larry and he was remarkably accurate. However I am stuck in South Africa until I’m able to correct an old debt involving a $100 m financial instrument that went missing following a Royal Mail bonded courier delivery to Namibia, instead of Botswana that was hijacked. I recovered the BG but only dispatched 2 o 3 culprits, I cannot allow anyone to escape attempting to defraud or spend my money. So I’ll be here until he returns Dubai end of 09, when his visa expires. I’ll attend to my portfolio, have an offer of 22karat AU, at $29k USD per Kg. The vendor has over 700 kg for sale. I admit I was put off by your idea that Warren Buffet as an accurate investor. He is anything but, he is an inside trader, a common criminal who is going to prison with all the swamp vermin. His railway has cost USA trillions.
    regards Francis


  11. Jane Trebess September 24, 2017

    I have written two messages on your blog to explain that I just cannot afford to pay the fees and on top of that invest in 14 of your investments.
    We will weather the storm I am sure, I do have quite a few gold mining shares and hope to make money with them.
    Thanks for thinking of mr, and best wishes to you.


  12. Jennifer Ricketts September 24, 2017

    I am a Canadian investor and was wondering when will the meltdown in Canada begin


  13. Roger September 24, 2017

    You have said that the Dow could correct to 13900
    In my view that would be a crash. Now you say the correction could be shallow.
    Also, if there is a flood of money coming from Europe why has the Euro strengthened against the Dollar since April
    Based in Europe I am down significantly
    in my Dollsr investments.


  14. Jim Kreger September 24, 2017

    Dear Martin,

    I have accepted your offer for a 1 year subscription to Supercycle Investor. I am also a subscriber to the Edelson E-Wave. The 2 appear to be quite similar. Please tell me how these two subscriptions will be differentiated and how I can expect to best benefit from both.


  15. daria September 24, 2017

    unemployed- caregiver to ill parent