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Dear Fellow Investor,


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Boy oh boy — the action sure is hot and heavy here on my blog!

So far, nearly 1,000 investors have checked in to discuss my forecasts for 2017-2022, to answer my question, “Why won’t Supercycle Investor work for you?” and also to ask me the questions they most need answers for now.

Here are some of actual questions and my actual answers from yesterday:

Q: Pamela asked, “Martin, what possible white swans can surface that can reverse the forecasted collapse of the converging cycles?”

A: Virtually none, Pamela. Keep in mind, historically, change comes only via crashing and burning first. — Martin

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Q: Michael L. has issues with my timing: “While I do not dispute your assessments or predictions, I am having trouble with the timing of them.”

A: Michael, hundreds of billions of dollars are already pouring into our equity markets, which is why they are so resilient. Trillions more are coming, post-October. So the timing is already on target for Phase I and Phase II.  — Martin

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Q: George W. asks, “Martin, I’m most impressed by the scope of your cycle analysis, but one question:
Could the unprecedented flooding of the world with money by the central banks alter the timing of major economic/market cycles?”

A: It hasn’t so far. Fear money is moving precisely as we expected despite all the power of the central banks. So I would say a firm“no.” — Martin

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 Q: Frances asks, “When exactly will U.S. stocks fall? Will it be before Oct. 31st or after Oct 31st? And when will the money from other countries begin to flow into stocks. Will that be roughly after Oct 31st?”

A: A correction in global stock markets could begin at almost any time. But increasing flows of flight capital from trouble spots around the world, especially highly indebted countries, should make any correction relatively short and shallow.

The timetable suggested by our cycles research indicates that the first landmark event, beginning in late October or early November, could be a meltdown in Japan’s bond markets or a similar breakdown in another major debt market. It may not make headlines. But it will be the canary in the coal mine, signaling an entirely new phase in this supercycle.

So now it’s your turn to tell me:
How do you see these cycles playing
themselves out? And why?

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Martin D. Weiss, PhD
Founder, Weiss Research’s Edelson Institute
Founding Editor, Supercycle Investor

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Comments 254

  1. Charles Witham September 22, 2017

    Dr. Weiss, I thank you for your concern. The truth is i’ll be 87 end of the month and I am not in the best of health. However, I will continue to read your fine publication with interest. It has proven to be very accurate in the past and surely will be so in the future.

    Charles W.


  2. Andrew Torrance September 22, 2017

    If money’s flowing into US stocks from abroad, how come the US dollar has been falling all year?
    I would have thought that the opposite must be happening.


  3. Ed Dienes September 22, 2017

    I took the leap of faith and joined your Supercycle program. However, I am curious as to what you think exactly will happen in October ’17 in Japan and how do you know it will be in October???


  4. Scot Srodes September 22, 2017

    Unlike stocks that can be owned in my name, versus “street name”, ETF’s and options do not protect you from bail-ins and other counter party risks. Why do you recommend them, knowing this risk is very real in the next crisis?

    I am also still waiting on an answer to where do you get the data to back up your cycle analysis?


  5. Jim O Anderson September 21, 2017

    Martin, I’ve been reading your teams reports for over 10 years. You’ve been getting us ready for this coming catestrophy all that time & I’ve followed much of your teams advice. I gave you a large chunk of money which signed me up to most if your letters for life. It might have been $6000.
    I think the Edeleson Institute & other advisors will give me valuable advice during the coming mess. I’m not going to buy anything more.
    Sincerely, Jim O Anderson


  6. Jerry September 21, 2017

    I miss Larry and loved his work. I’d love to invest in Supercycle Trader – but it’s too much money for me at this time.


  7. Dan September 21, 2017

    I thought the presentation was great. I think you are on track . I havea lot of $ already invested in subscriptions and the timing is just not good for me right now.


  8. Thomas Zishka September 21, 2017

    Sorry, always worked on my own. Don’t ‘really know you’. Must not be able to trust people easily. Maybe it’s all the ‘teaser’ info with care to not get specific. Motives I’m unaware of? Not sure. I usually ride my motorcycle alone. Character flaw?


  9. Craig Howe September 21, 2017

    Sir Martin ,
    I only trade on the ASX …iam an Australian ! … So how can you help me ?


  10. Pam Hill September 21, 2017

    I have been listening!! I am a Canadian senior. It’s not you , it’s me. I wish I could afford it. I really believe in your forecast but so afraid to invest the little I have plus your joining cost. Thank you!!


  11. Dan keene September 21, 2017

    I do believe your supercycle would work for me . The wife and I have joined the Edelson Institute to begin trading quite differently with the leveraged ETF’s and other stock picks recommended. Also i would have joined you with your supercycle program if i had made enough money to support the cost . The wife and i have been screwed over by so many others teaching stock trading that we can’t afford to keep making choices to spend more and more money to finally get where we want to be . The people you have working together are some of the best I have watched . Been reading you writings for over two and a half years . Mostly Martin and Larry that impressed me the most . I have 2 kids in college and I’m trying to help them get through financially. I’m a machinist by trade and it just didn’t get me where I need to be , paying bills ,house ,college ,etc. Still wondering when it’s my turn to reap some profits . I do wish I would have learned about Martin and Larry long before I had joined others that were wrong on every turn . If I had done the opposite every time the others sent out a trade I would be a millionaire by now . They were pathetic . That’s pretty much my story . Thanks for taking the time to read this .


  12. Andrew Page September 21, 2017

    I agree with the reader that says we are about to witness hell in our market as well as the yen and euro. This president has inherited so much debt that there is not much he can do but put us back on the gold standard. That would mean an ounce of gold will be worth $10,000. That is the only thing he can do to level the playing field. He has already figured out that he has to use the Senate and Congress to get needed legislation. If he continues to do so he has a real chance to make us a strong country again. The liberals are not taking there eroding party very well, the media is definitely against this the today show and the wimps who try and discredit “The Donald” let’s put our differences aside and work together to make this country strong again.


  13. Martin S. September 21, 2017

    martin I can accept the logic behind all the events you say will unfold over the next five years. However I also believe that these recommendations should be made available to your already existing members. I am a lifetime member of Real Wealth and the Edelston Institute’s Gold Mining Millionaire. I have to believe that these could be sent to us through an alert when the time is right. When you are trying to grow a smaller nest egg account over a few years, as these subscriptions are geared, its just not feasible to continue to spend on the next new newsletter. I hope you find a way to help the existing members get informed. Thanks Martin S.


  14. Jim September 21, 2017

    You said…. “Longer-term, as the crisis in Japan and Europe gets worse, you will see a replay of what happened between 1932 and 1937: While foreign stock markets remained near lows or fell further, the Dow soared 382% as European capital flowed into the U.S. That’s what happened before. That’s what will happen again.

    This is true… but it came after the worst stock market crash in history. We are at all time highs! Not quite comparable. I’m short today. The IWM made a new all time high by one penny today. I shorted it. I’ll have plenty of cash when your rally starts.


    • Sean Brodrick September 22, 2017

      Sounds like you picked the top. Great going! — Sean Brodrick


  15. Carol September 21, 2017

    Well… I do subscribe to letters both within (E-Wave Trader (I liked Super-cycle Trader More) & Gold Mining Millionaire) as well as outside of Weiss. I find there are many possible options for this 5 year period we have just entered. For me, the simplicity of owning gold and silver in all its forms is something I decided to do. I also subscribe to the philosophy of, as they called him “The Inflation King” of Germany (I’ve forgotten his name) during the Wiemar Republic devaluation and subsequent inflationary cycle, which consisted of holding precious metals, art, real estate and stocks in transportation, essential utilities, and I think energy (?) Please don’t hold me to the exact stock sectors. The constant ‘keeping up’ with changing stages and investments is just too much for me to handle. I do appreciate your ability to create something for everyone, but at my age the motto has become ‘simplicity’ in everything as well as the time I’m willing to give it. I also have to do what’s doable within the reality of having less available money than many of your subscribers who may be still working or, who make much more than I ever did. Knowing what is right for youself is the first step. Knowing who to follow is next.


  16. Randy September 21, 2017

    Well, Dr. Weis,
    You keep asking this darn question. As you know, Larry covered this subject very well, except the period was to peak in 2020. Larry was always right about Gold and Silver – never knew anyone that could make the calls he did on those two commodities. I am interested in Supercycle Investor, but the price is just “Pricey”. There are so many expensive services out there, most of which promise fabulous returns, and occasionally they win, but the drawdowns negate most of the good recos. Been burned too many times, but good luck with it. I think you will have to make us believers, like offering it for $50 a month with the ability to cancel at any time.


  17. KC Baum September 21, 2017

    Hello Martin:

    I am a past member of Super Cycle Trader and I feel that Larry Edleson was one of the most accurate and dependable market analyst I have followed. In all honesty, I simply cannot afford to invest in the service right now and truly wish I had the finances to continue my membership. I firmly believe in you and Sean’s message and will follow your work as much as possible.


  18. Fred Gibson September 21, 2017

    Martin, the real answer is so obvious I am surprised you haven’t noticed. Investment recommendations are coming so fast and furious these days that once we are fully invested, there is no time for the previous investments to mature before we get a flurry of new recommendations. We are expected to turn over a previous investment before it has a chance to “pay off.”


  19. terry bradshaw September 21, 2017

    I have been reading much on silver and it will exceed profits of gold. Your estimation is almost double.
    I hold tangible silver, gold and palladium. It is more difficult to own tangible silver due to the value and weight makes it more expensive to ship and store.

    Silver mining stocks might be a subject you want to expand upon to help those of us not into the mining investments, specifically silver.


  20. myles peinemann September 21, 2017

    I subscribed to real wealth report, Supercycle trader whch became E Wave trader and Gold Mining Millionaire. I approprated my funds to these three programs. For me to subscribe to Supercycle Investor I would have to drop one of my existing subscriptions. Honestly I d not have any way to analyze which program is the one to exchange.