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Dear Fellow Investor,


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Boy oh boy — the action sure is hot and heavy here on my blog!

So far, nearly 1,000 investors have checked in to discuss my forecasts for 2017-2022, to answer my question, “Why won’t Supercycle Investor work for you?” and also to ask me the questions they most need answers for now.

Here are some of actual questions and my actual answers from yesterday:

Q: Pamela asked, “Martin, what possible white swans can surface that can reverse the forecasted collapse of the converging cycles?”

A: Virtually none, Pamela. Keep in mind, historically, change comes only via crashing and burning first. — Martin

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Q: Michael L. has issues with my timing: “While I do not dispute your assessments or predictions, I am having trouble with the timing of them.”

A: Michael, hundreds of billions of dollars are already pouring into our equity markets, which is why they are so resilient. Trillions more are coming, post-October. So the timing is already on target for Phase I and Phase II.  — Martin

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Q: George W. asks, “Martin, I’m most impressed by the scope of your cycle analysis, but one question:
Could the unprecedented flooding of the world with money by the central banks alter the timing of major economic/market cycles?”

A: It hasn’t so far. Fear money is moving precisely as we expected despite all the power of the central banks. So I would say a firm“no.” — Martin

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 Q: Frances asks, “When exactly will U.S. stocks fall? Will it be before Oct. 31st or after Oct 31st? And when will the money from other countries begin to flow into stocks. Will that be roughly after Oct 31st?”

A: A correction in global stock markets could begin at almost any time. But increasing flows of flight capital from trouble spots around the world, especially highly indebted countries, should make any correction relatively short and shallow.

The timetable suggested by our cycles research indicates that the first landmark event, beginning in late October or early November, could be a meltdown in Japan’s bond markets or a similar breakdown in another major debt market. It may not make headlines. But it will be the canary in the coal mine, signaling an entirely new phase in this supercycle.

So now it’s your turn to tell me:
How do you see these cycles playing
themselves out? And why?

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Martin D. Weiss, PhD
Founder, Weiss Research’s Edelson Institute
Founding Editor, Supercycle Investor

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Comments 254

  1. Tyrone Hampton September 23, 2017

    I have been following you, Mr. Weiss and Larry, rest his soul, for many years, your timing is spot on, the collapse of Japan is inevitable, they have a major demographic problem, they can’t kick the can down the road any longer, I understand the profit opportunity that’s coming, I have a business that’s bleeding red ink, i can’t afford the subscription right now, but I also can’t afford to miss out, so I will have to do what little I can to grow my investments. Thank you so much for your expertise.


  2. Al McNal September 23, 2017

    I think the idea that cycles are converging is important because these cycles are the timing of the human mood which changes as evidence mounts as to reasonable political direction. However I don’t believe that things will happen necessarily exactly when the cycles converge or that the convergence and financial implications allow one to invest and get timing right. So far central banks have been printing and spending mindlessly and beyond anything previously experienced hence economies have been held together artificially longer than ever before. The appointees who were assigned under socialistic administrations still inhabit these positions. I don’t see the change over to realistic spending with balanced budgets happening for some time.

    However that change is starting to occur. Trump is an example of that change. Britain pulling out of the EU is another while popularity of more right wing leaders like La Pen or Macri seem to be examples. Countries have destroyed their currencies over and over again. I don’t see the current leaders as anything more than trying to maintain their positions through more promises and continued spending. With all the mindless spending I don’t see society realizing this mistake and electing leaders who will stop printing, balance budgets until there is a economic collapse essentially proving to society that spending beyond one’s means causes instability and economic crisis. On the other hand there could be an abrupt mindset change at any moment and I value your predictions and your sticking your necks out here and I’m watching closely.


  3. LaRee September 23, 2017

    1. Do the cycles help predict what type of stocks will most likely survive the mess that is coming and then you determine the paticular stocks to invest in? Or do the cycles just predict the overall problems, and you then decide which stocks would most likely benefit an investor?
    2, Do you have a gerneral amount of money that an investor sould have available to successfully invest in your Supercycle Investor recomendations?
    3. I have read that keeping money in the bank or even with a brokerage account is not safe. So, where do you put your money before you invest it?



  4. James September 23, 2017

    Martin my moneys tied up in other investments I am trying to sell off. I think your website and e – letters are an excellent service. You havnt factored in any white swan events though. We are are in a kondratieff cycle of prosperity, recessions, depression and improvements cycle. The information your esteemed analyst Larry produced on the special metals market was excellent. Thourougly informative and persuasive about the coming boom in leveraged etfs, unleveraged etfs, mining stock, futures and options. You warned to stay away from zero coupon bonds and junk bonds, also to avoid penny stocks, go for investments in the high end of the market. Its advice well heeded. Keep up the good work. Your website is an excellent educational resource. We live in interesting times as the Chinese would say. Let the next boom be even bigger than the last boom. In this boom, recession, depression, recovery and growth cycle that we exist in. I picked up a really good book on corporate finance by Fred r. Kaen, its very educational about consolidated cash flow statements in companies in the not too distant past. Let the boom begin.


  5. Edmund September 23, 2017

    Hi Martin,

    The cycles have been discussed a lot during when the late Edelson was still around. However the timing of the cycles did not always come on time. How are you sure that this time it will be early October or late November? Would it be next year 2018 when it is exactly a 10 year cycle since the last Great Credit Crisis in 2018?


  6. Dave September 23, 2017

    When is the FED going to stop printing money – they are like a great hungry spider trapping the rest of the world in their Web !!??


  7. John chan September 23, 2017

    Dear Dr Weiss, I am a lifetime subscriber and follow your work for years. Your team still do a great job. As much as I want to accept your kind offer, I am currently committed a lot of my funds to medical bills. This will pass and I will get back to you.


  8. richard September 23, 2017

    I do believe that this will work but the joining fee is expensive
    Not able to join thetefore miss the fortune n stand at the sidewalk n watch


  9. James Merritt September 23, 2017

    Hi Martin,
    As a long term subscriber to Real Wealth Report, I planning to join Supercycle trader with Larry early in 2016 when funds became available. My entire retirement plans were crushed in the crash in 2009. I lost my two income properties, which were in partial renovation, and my backup stock account was knocked down from 20k to under 4. I managed to make enough back to buy a few oz gold and 100 oz. silver in May 2013. I thought I had a great price after a huge drop, and that ‘s when I heard about Larry screaming don’t buy! At first I blamed him for scaring the price down, but after reading his reports I came to admire his logic and analysis and to trust his judgment. On to 2016, I was all set for a rally to start with still some of my beaten down miners held since 2013 and some bottom buys in Jan. including 4 leaps options contracts on Majestic Silver and 3 on Pan American. I was starting to get excited when I got a Flash email from Larry in April or May to “Sell all mining shares, the sector is pulling back, we’ll enter again later” My gut was screaming no but heard so many times to leave emotions out so my mind said follow the expert and we can buy more. I sold for modest gain on stocks and 100-150% on options. Big mistake, I could not get back in, they went straight up through August. I missed on over 10k in profits, 400 sh EXK, 300 sh AG, 200 FCX, and the 4 AG options were 40 baggers and the 3 PAAS contracts were 25 baggers. So here I am with still only 6k in my account waiting for this breakout to get started 58 contracts Jan 2018 exp covering 6 miners and all I’m seeing is manipulations crushing every attempt at breakout. If it happens before Jan 18 2018 I may have the money to buy into the service. If I were to do it now , there would not be a dollar left to enter a position on any reco. I’m counting on Larry’s AI charts end of year rally to be the big one!

    My Best to you, I enjoy yours and Mikes columns and info!


  10. Willem Grobbelaar September 23, 2017

    I am a South African citizen and it is not always possible to invest in US stocks. Although I have followed some of your advice particularly to buy some gold stocks as well as silver and gold I prefer to be invested in in the local Johannesburg Stock exchange which allows me to invest in most resources mentioned by you. I find your cycle analysis exremely interesting and it helps me to plan my own investment strategy.


  11. cliff eagleton September 23, 2017

    Long ago the Federal Reserve replaced the Congress in bankrupting the Treasury and dictating the distribution of money For the investor, your super cycle thesis makes good sense.


  12. joanie walsh September 22, 2017

    What will be the effect on us of the EU’s action to issue SDR’s as settlements between businesses/countries, etc. rather than the current requirement that these be settled in dollars? When will it happen, and how far-reaching will it be?


  13. Jack McDonald September 22, 2017

    I don’t recall, but if not, please add the Schiller PE index to your cycle plots. I figure as long as the stocks are returning good dividends they will be trustworthy. But there is another plot and that is the demographics plot. Older folks are not out buying big ticket items, and there are fewer younger folks doing that. Then there is that Equinox disaster….who knows who has my SS number now. So another plot is the “fake” account access events plot. Finally there is the WAR plot…not sure how to plot it….but IF ” rocket man” blows up a Pacific
    Atol next week with an H-bomb all bets are off.


  14. alvarene September 22, 2017

    So, is all this money coming from the war torn countries?If so how are they getting it out after all the bombing and fire and devastation?


  15. John September 22, 2017

    I’m confused. In one breath you say all hell in going to break loose in October. Then you say foreign money is going to pour in to keep thing going up into phase 1, 2 and 3. Just what am I to suspect and when?


  16. John Rowland September 22, 2017

    Hello Martin,
    My concern is that governments will Solve the debt problem by creating infinite money like Zimbabwe. Warren Buffet is correct that the Dow will be 1 million, but what will one dollar buy?


  17. Craig Howe September 22, 2017

    I am sure that not all flight money will go only to the USA ….what about Australia ? I only trade on the ASX , and I am sure there are plenty of people that would invest there money into Australia.


  18. Damien Sumner September 22, 2017

    Dear Mr Weiss
    In your analysis, have you taken into account the reaction of costal Muslim countries of the Mediterranean when the eu is no longer able to pay turkey to not flood Europe with a fresh, larger wave of immigrants than we have seen so far? Just curious, would love to read your thoughts.


  19. LaRee September 22, 2017

    .Jim Rickard’s has reported that the dollar could lose its world currency status in 2018, perhaps as early as January 2018. He said the globalists have their plan ready to go, with no way to stop it, and the IMF could replace the dollar with their special drawing rights. The result would be very much like what Larry reported in The Armageddon Wave with riots, reduced to no Medicare, Social Security, all types of governmentl programs, and more. In your opinion, does his prediction differ from the cycle research or does it just have an earlier date for the fall of the United States?

    You have a bunch of intelligent people working for you. I wish you would use that brain power to come up with an AFFORDABLE, CONSERVATIVE service for the little guy. I read many of the responses, and my heart just hurt for them. Money was an issue, even if you paid for three years of Investor, and many have already joined several services. What do you suggest for those people, especially those over 70? I am hoping that some of your messages will address this major concern. What if anything can they do to protect themselves? Or, at this late date, is there nothing an older person with a limited amount of money can do? IF SO, TELL THEM THIS. TELL THEM NOT TO INVEST BECAUSE THERE WILL NOT BE ENOUGH TIME BEORE THE FALL.


  20. Mike M September 22, 2017

    Hi Martin,
    I have selected 2 Jr. miner’s as long term investment’s as this current down turn in gold continues.
    I’m looking for gold to bottom between 1200-1225. Optimally at 1140-1150. Fingers crossed!!

    Would you consider this to be the proper move ?

    Mike M.